Is Your Faith Showing?

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So also faith by itself,

if it does not have works

is dead.

James 2:17

Recently, several individuals have asked me how I maintained my faith during the abuse I experienced as a child. In my childish understanding of faith, I sought Jesus daily. I knew He was somewhere and I was determined to find Him. The search for and eventual connection propelled me to stand my ground and refuse to yield to the evil that surrounded me. My faith gave me hope that perhaps there was something better than the life I lived.

James 2:17 speaks to demonstrating faith. However, I think it is one of the most misunderstood passages in the Bible. Many use it as justification for the belief that salvation is based on “works” rather than Christ’s sacrifice. However, I do not think James intended his audience to interpret his words as support of earning our salvation. Rather, the verse is an admonition for believers to demonstrate their faith through their actions.

Faith empowers us to act even when the world tells us to stop. When we listen to world our shield of faith shrinks and cannot protect us. With a shrunken shield, we are less able to demonstrate our faith in our everyday actions.

Faith equips us to face the giants and topple them. When the world sees us act like David when he faced Goliath, we draw them toward Jesus. My Sunday School teacher taught me about Jesus and showed kindness to me that pierced the darkness of my world. Her faith gave me hope. Because her faith was active and alive, I wanted to know more about Jesus.

As a believer, I am charged with the task of demonstrating my faith in everything I say, think, and do. I want to show others that faith is not just a thought or belief, but is the fiber of who I am.