He is Risen-Easter Rebooted

After reading a short article about the importance of remembering Easter long after Resurrection Sunday, I decided to write a poem about my experience this Easter. In the second stanza, I use the word “church” twice. In the first line, it begins with a lower case “c” but in the last line, the word is capitalized.  By changing the first letter, I hope to express the difference between the church as a building and the larger Church as the body of Christ. We are the Church and this Easter reflected that truth through the service of those who risk their lives to care for others.

He is Risen

I wait outside the empty tomb.

I wait to see Him once again.

I wait for Him to remove the gloom.

I wait for Him, in whom my hopes remain.


The church stands empty, silent and forlorn.

No pageants tell the tale. No choirs sing

Or lift their praises this resurrection morn.

In the Church, a new song begins to ring.


He is risen. He is alive and well.

He walks the streets and lends a hand.

He is risen. He is alive and well.

He wipes the tears and heals our land.