After the Storm

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“A tsunami is like a train of waves after one wave hits, it will not be over, stay in a safe place until you are sure it is completely over.”

Healing from trauma sometimes feels like a Tsunami. While science can predict the path of hurricanes and other severe weather with some degree of accuracy, the projections change daily. The same holds for healing from trauma. Just when you think things have settled, another wave of memories overwhelm you. In the sonnet below, I use the storm metaphor to convey hope to the inner child who sometimes fears the next wave of memories and chaos. 

The sonnet is one of several I wrote for inclusion in my memoir, What Kind of Love is This? Finding God in the Darkness.

After the Storm

Oh, child so fair, from far away, the waves

Of forgotten pain flood my heart with fear.

The sea pulls me into its icy grave.

Oh Lord, I cannot die, let me draw near.

Oh, child, so fair, it’s hard to let you in.

For far too long, you fought to tell your tale.

Oh Lord, tell me now, how do I begin

To prove your love is free and will not fail?

Oh, child so fair, come rest with me awhile

And recall the one who brings you peace.

A peace that lasts, a peace that makes you smile.

Just take His hand and your fear will cease.

And, by His crimson blood, your stains removed.

Transformed and white as snow, you’ll stand approved.