Stay with Me Awhile

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Sneak Peak at my Memoir The sonnets in my memoir provide respite to the reader as they navigate my accounts of the pain I endured as a child. The sonnet below is placed at a critical transition between my childhood and leaving for college. My words convey hope, empathy for the child who fears the future. The poem reminds the child within that Jesus never leaves her and she can still find comfort and strength by holding on to Him.

Stay with Me Awhile

Oh, child so fair, just stay a while with me.

The place where Jesus takes your pain away.

Oh, child so fair, just look at what I see,

A light that turns the night to brightest day.

Oh, child so fair, just hear my words today.

The Son who broke the darkness with his light

Will walk with you and hold your hand each day.

And stand with you until you win this fight.

Oh, child so fair, you will not be undone.

You’ll rise above with no sorrow or pain.

You’ll remember the day you saw the Son.

One day you’ll recall his words once again.

And, by His crimson blood, your stains removed.

Transformed and white as snow, you’ll stand approved.