You’ve Come so Far

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My memoir begins and ends with a sonnet written to my younger self. In the first sonnet, I encourage her and let her know it’s safe to tell her story. There are a total of four sonnets strategically placed throughout the story. The final piece is a combination of phrases from earlier works. As I close out my story, I leave the reader with words of encouragement, hope and the promise of redemption I found at the end of my journey.

You’ve Come so Far

Oh, child so fair, I knew you were in pain.

You let me tell the tale I had to share.

I told the tale that showed what kept you sane.

I told the tale that made us more aware.

Oh, child so fair, you stayed a while with me.

The place where Jesus took your pain away.

Oh, child so fair, you looked at what I see,

A light that turns the night to brightest day.

Oh, child so fair, I hope at last you know

Our Daddy’s words were lies and not the truth.

And when I feel the tempter’s frightening blow

I stand my ground and say, “I know my worth!”

And, by His crimson blood, my stains removed.

Transformed and white as snow, I stand approved.