Oops! Email Blooper!

photo of woman showing frustrations on her face Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

I am not Cloe the Fashion Designer

I’ve shared my tendency to obsess about mistakes a few times on my YouTube channel. Well, today is another episode of the same adventure. Yesterday, I decided to explore a new email marketing platform which promised to provide simple access to marketing funnels, book promotions, and a variety of other seemingly cool tools. I exported my subscriber lists successfully and proceeded to “play” around on the platform.

One feature was automated funnels which is where things went south unbeknown to me. I looked the feature, checked a couple of the templates and decided the platform was too complex for me. I exited the platform, canceled the trial, and thought all was well. Wrong!

Welcome Email Goes Out

Apparently, the Funnel automatically sent a welcome email to my mailing list. The problem is the email was the template. So, my entire mailing list received a welcome email from
“Cloe, the fashion designer.” I was mortified and a bit annoyed that the system doesn’t explain things better.

Damage Control

If you received an email from me yesterday that welcomed you to Cloe’s Masterclass, I apologize for the inconvenience. Please delete it. I am no longer using the program. If you know me, you know that I am as far from being a fashion designer as I can possibly be. The only emails you will ever receive from me will be related to the topics I discuss here.

Now to Not Obsess

I tackled the issue head on this morning in hopes that I will not fall into an old pattern of obsessing about it. I’ve had a good laugh at the thought of me being a fashion designer and that helped me move on.

Again, my apologies for the random email. I hope it gave you a good laugh.