Victory in Tragedy

Michael Licona and I had a great conversation about what happened after my NDE. I also share insights about my new memoir #whatkindofloveisthis

Join us for the premiere June 17, 2021 at Noon CT for the live chat. If you can’t attend the premiere, watch the interview anytime after the premiere airs.

Premiere at Noon CT on June 17, 2021.

Mike’s summary of the interview.

“Charlotte Thomason was repeatedly raped by her father, became pregnant and both she and her baby died in childbirth. Charlotte had a near-death experience (NDE) in which she met Jesus – and her baby. She was told she could not stay because there was work for her to do. What has happened with Charlotte since that experience? Charlotte explains and tells those who are victims of abuse that there is hope! This is a 31-minute video in which Mike Licona interviews Charlotte.”

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